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Heavy Duty Drive on wheel base

The drive on wheel base has been designed to allow one person to erect a mast up to 8m in height without any guide and a head load of 10kg. This has been achieved by the tilt arrangement allowing the mast to be raised from either side. 

The location tube has been bored out to take a 2” (50.8mm) tube with a clearance of .008” (.2mm) which allows a good fit and prevents movement.

The base tilt swings both ways, this allows you to raise or lower your mast either side of your vehicle, as this can be very useful when you get blocked in on one side.  

To lock the mast in position depending on which side you are lifting it from the gate is lowered over the spacer on the bottom of the location tube and the bolt is inserted.

New upgrade is no bolts to lock off gate, these have been replaced by hand knobs

Six holes have been inserted into the base plate to allow for permanent fixing into concrete for use as a home base station.   


The base weight is 15kg and comes in cold dip galvanized.