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Mast poles.

Masts poles are manufactured from 2” (50.8mm) heavy gauge aluminium, unlike swaged tubes our tubes do not fit into each other. To over come this issue of jammed tubes, our tubes have sleeves inserted in one end. The sleeves have been machined to achieve a good fit which then allows the load to be transmited through the two flat faces of each tube.

The logic on the pole lengths is that we all have different velicales and can only fit a certain size in or on the roof rack rack.

The tubes come in several sizes and finishes:4’, 5’, 6’ and 10’ in length


10'  set of 2 poles making 20'


4' poles set of 5 making 20'

Nature finish, soft anodised in black, blue, red green and yellow these finishes will prevent your hands becoming black when you handle them. The anodising will with time fade and also scratch. The best anodising is hard anodising as this is very hard wearing and tends not to fade.  Please ask for a cost as it changes from month to month.



Pole length number off poles  no finish
 4'                5               £77
 5'                   4   £80
 6'     3   £77
 10'     2   £70