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1/4 wave vertical for 40m

The 1/4 wave vertical is 33' (10.2m) tall and is self supporting. 

The antenna is completely resonate across the whole of 7 MHz so no turner is required, this is achieved by the large surface area of the material. 

The antenna is constructed from three aluminium tubes and one section of

 stainless steel bar. The aluminium has been reamed out to allow each tube to

 slide into the other to about a length of 12” (30cm). The final section of the

 vertical is manufactured from a stainless steel bar and is adjustable to achieve

 the best VSWR. 


The vertical antenna is clamped onto the vehicles roof rack by a black anodised

 simple leaver bracket. The bottom tube of the antenna is connected to the leaver

bracket with two insolating clamps. The bracket tilts by the use of a stainless steel

 hinge and is locked off in the vertical position by a 6mm bolt. 

The vertical is sold in kit form, but we need to know some basic measurements of

 your vehicle so the brackets can be tailor made.


The measurements required are: 

Distances between roof bars

Roof bar section, square, rectangle and measurements

Colour of anodising, red, green, black, blue, gold, purple and natural 

The cost for the complete kit is: £155.00